Wednesday, 17 September 2008

2008 Global ICT Trends

This whitepaper was published in February 2008

Innovation is the buzzword and excitement is rife in the IT and telecommunications industry. The industry, perhaps more than any other leading industry, has witnessed dynamic “structural changes”, whilst continuing its feverish growth patterns. In 2008, the global ICT market is touted to be worth in excess of US$3.730 trillion, nearly double the size in 2001.

AG IT Consulting picks out the leading trends in 2008:

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  1. With the HSDPA emergence, is it the end of the road for WiMAX?
  2. Offshore Outsourcing to rise and rise with upselling
  3. Mobile PC will grow faster among emerging nations
  4. Mobile and virtualisation to drive Next Generation Networks
  5. Cleantech will be accelerated among developed nations
  6. Commercialisation over innovation for Technology parks?
  7. All rise for the Software giants from the East
  8. Increased VCs flocking into emerging nations
  9. Tech gadgets will find its way into Global networks
  10. Digital content goes real-time

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