Monday, 30 March 2009

Cybercrime literally soaring

Airline companies globally are losing at least 1.1% of their total revenue to cybercrime. The increased in sales revenue from online which now can easily be accounted to 30% of total sales will further fan the activities of cybercrime in this space.
Today, there are an army of hackers throughout the world that can match a population of a nation. They are now writing viruses to an average of 2,000 a day and a growing number of them finds the airlines industry an easier target as oppose to getting into banks and financial industries. The trend for hackers today is that they prefer to target organizations that produces services that can ease their lifestyle. Today, travelling are part and parcel of their daily lives.
Airline companies have in the past, been spending more of their IT applications on ticketing online and schedule routing that they have taken security issues too lightly. This is especially so for low cost airline companies. It will only be in a matter of time before ransomware will then begin to appear. Ransomware is an attack where servers or PC are locked and coded and would only open when demands are fulfilled (ie payment or even political needs)
This isnt just an industry issue, even Governments should understand the implications and the need to encourage the industry to buck up with regards to this.